Our mission and main priority in the beauty business is to be the first choice for those who need to restore skin conditions without reliance on medication or strong treatment. Instead of rushing the process for short-term results, we offer a gradual transformation of skin conditions using products and treatments that gently nourish and nurture your skin while solving skin problems.

We also aim to help you thoroughly understand your skin characteristics since the key to truly healthy skin is learning how to take care of your own skin correctly, together with receiving skin care services from the expert. Our services are developed from the genuine commitment of our founder, Alisa Sirisant Nyffenegger, who has over a decade of experiences in the beauty business and has spent a good part of her life observing her mother working in the same industry.

Your skin can be treated properly with our powerful line of products that contain natural extracts from mountains in France. We fully recognize that products being applied to your skin are not different from the food you eat. Thus, skin products should be purely organic and 100% chemical-free so that it can cure and restore skin conditions with lasting effects. Only in this way can a product find lifelong customers and our Pure Altitude perfectly fits with this description.

We also import a famous treatment innovation called Microcurrent from the UK. This method has long been used in leading beauty institutes and spas, as well as renowned clinics around the world. We firmly believe that our products and services will revive your skin, making it beautiful, healthy and free of inflammation. They will also invigorate and tighten your faces, offering the effect of natural beauty. This is the reason why we are a well-established business in the beauty industry and forever will be.