Rarity, technicality, pleasure

Pure Altitude is a line of care Innovante, original and sharp outcome of theexpertise of our altitude spas, pioneers since 1990, adapted to the demands of a demanding clientele. It was imagined around the following values:

  • Rarity unique plants and ingredients from the extremes
  • Technicality : an advanced formulation, innovative to natural assets from extremes, effective for visible and lasting results, care protocols specific to our products
  • Pleasure : melting and greedy textures and divine perfumes, reminiscent of the mountain
    Pure Altitude natural beauty care and made in France

A range of skincare from the moutains
Make use of the benefits of mountain plants while preserving this environment.

  • Our products are Made in France
  • Raw materials botanic, grown and harvested in an environmenally responsible way
  • No animal raw materials (except beeswax and honey, cruelty free for animals)
  • 0% parabens, phenoxyethanol, phtalates, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate


Queen of the mountains

Selected for its rare cosmetic virtues, Edelweiss is the key ingredient of Pure Altitude beauty products.

Capable of withstanding extreme cold and intense sunlight thanks to a self-defense molecule that enables it to survive, the white flower of the Glacier perfectly illustrates the amazing ability of mountain plants to survive and evolve in a harsh environment. The edelweiss is a powerful natural protector
against external stress and signs of aging in the skin.

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