Exchange and Return of the Products

1. Policy for the Exchange and Return of the Product
Customer can exchange or return the product which is damage and unopened within 7 days from the date receiving the product (based on the date mentioned in the receiving document). The returned product must be in the same condition as when receiving (sealed and unopened). Company will exchange the product under the following conditions:

a)  The product was damage and could not be consumed as usual.
b)  Company delivered wrong products or wrong product size.
c)  Product or its packaging was damage during delivery process.

2. How to Return the Product
In case customer would like to return the products, please refer to conditions under the policy for the exchange and return of the product in 1).

Please send the product to the Company by EMS within 7 days upon receiving the ordered product.

3. Checking the Status of the Exchanged or Returned Product
In case you would like to exchange the product, please notify the Company via LINE @elizafacialspa or call no. 02 2871 343, 093 6288810 before sending the product to the Conpany.

4. Expenses for Returning of Product Delivery
Customer is responsible for delivery expenses, unless it is the cause from the Company’s mistake such as delivered product is not the same as ordered. Delivery expenses from such mistake will be responsible by the Company.

5. Reject of the Exchange and Return
Product from the following conditions will not be exchanged and returned:

a)  Product was not purchased from or LINE@elizafacialspa.
b)  Product was unsealed, torn, opened or consumed.
c)  Product was damage from the inappropriate packaging done by customer while returning to the Company.
d)  Free sample or promotional product under special conditions will not be exchanged or returned.

6. Evidence of Return of the Product
Receipt and payment evidence must be attached to every returned product. Without such evidence, the product will not be exchanged or returned in all cases.