Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Your access to and use of this website and any pages of the website is considered your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms and Conditions applied of this service.

  1. Terms of Service – These terms and conditions are final and complete agreements between both parties, unless written with signature and approved by an officer or other authorized officer. Otherwise any amendments or conditions specified in this document should not be binding with Our Company. Any changes to these terms must be resolved. Our Company will deliver the product after receiving Customer’s purchased order, delivery requests or similar forms which have additional terms and conditions or conflict with the terms in this document. If any declaration, provision or any provision are decided by a court of jurisdiction that announcement or holding, it will not affect the correctness of sections or any other provisions here.
  2. Order acceptance – Prices of all orders must be checked by an authorized Company’s employee, unless specified period in writing. Delivery without checking price in writing is not considered as acceptance of the price in the purchased order.
  3. Delivery – Unless otherwise specified, Our Company will consider the selection of service provider and route. In both cases, Our Company is not responsible for delays or delivery expenses from selected providers.
  4. Packing – Unless otherwise specified, Our Company will comply with the minimum packaging standards for the selected delivery methods only. Customer will pay expenses for special packaging or special storage as requested by the Customer. Expenses for packaging and delivery will be paid by Customers.
  5. Payment terms – Discount applies to the value of the product on invoice only (excluding tax or delivery expenses). Our Company reserves the right to collect advance payment or security expense of the product. If customer does not pay under the terms of this agreement or does not follow the agreement of this agreement, Our Company may cancel the part that has not been delivered under this order. (except other amendments). Customer is responsible for all unpaid amounts.
  6. Risk of damage or loss – Delivery to carrier is considered as delivery to Customer. After that, the risk of damage or loss is passed on to Customer. Any claims from Customer related to damage occurred during transportation or delivery should be made directly to the carrier. Any claims from Customer for damage from Our Company for the shortage or damage that occurs before delivering to the carrier must be done within five (5) days after receiving the product together with the receipt. The receipt of delivery expenses signed by the carrier states that the carrier received the product from Our Company in the claimed condition. Even passing the risk of loss to Customer, the name and possession rights of products sold under this agreement still remains with Our Company until all payments have been made, including conflicting payments by evidence or by collecting interest, delivery expenses, and attorney fees in cash. Customer agrees to do all necessary steps to complete and maintain the rights and names mentioned for Our Company.
  7. Return of products – Products can be returned within 7 days. Wrong products and products with quality problems are exchangeable. Customer is responsible for delivery expenses of the returned products.
  8. Force majeure – Company is not responsible for any failure to comply with obligations arising from the actions of others directly or indirectly. Customer’s action, civil or military authority, including wage and price controls, fires, riot wars, epidemics, transportation delays, lack or inability to find raw materials (including energy sources) labor components, fuel or supplies or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Our Company, whether similar or not like the abovementioned. If affected by a given quantity and other quantities, the affected quantities will be eliminated without obligation. However, the agreement will not be affected. Our Company may lack of any reasons during that period by providing the products to Customers that Our Company considers appropriate and reasonable. Our Company is not responsible for special damages or a result of any delays under any circumstances.
  9. Reasonable legal fees – In case of litigation or other actions taken to restore the purchased price or outstanding balance or violation of the terms by Customer in this agreement. Customer must pay to Our Company in addition to any damages proven by law, reasonable attorney fees and charges for collection.
  10. Liability – Our Company is not responsible for obligations or liability for damages resulting from the use or use of our products in a strange way or in combination with other products resulting from accepting this order. Our Company is not responsible for any weight or quantity errors.
  11. Measures and limitation of liability – Our Company is not responsible for accidental loss, damages or costs incurred from the result of sales, management or use of products or from other related causes. The liability of Our Company in any case, including claims for damages, breach of warranty or negligence, limited to Our Company’s choice to change products that do not meet the terms of reimbursement or credit to the Customer with an amount equivalent to the purchased price of the said product. If Our Company requests to return the product, the products will be returned to Our Company in accordance with the instructions of Our Company. The remedies contained in this paragraph constitute only a claim by the Customer for damages to Our Company in violation of any obligations of Our Company, whether as a guarantee or otherwise, as long as Our Company intends to correct any breach of that remedy given will be considered as satisfactory.
  12. Selection – Customers declare that the products sold under this agreement are suitable for actual use or intended and Customers do not rely on skills or Our Company’s judgment on choosing the right product or service. Customers indicate that the use of the product complied with all relevant government regulations. Customers will protect and compensate Our Company all costs (including attorney fees), damages and liabilities arising from claims of actual damages, any allegation or penalties proposed or evaluated Our Company for alleged violations of government, any standard laws relating to the use of any products delivered.